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Journal 2022

19th January 2022: Small burst of inspiration for Libra 19 just occurred to me.

Nothing to do with these lo-fi superstars though. I have listened to this album maybe twenty times now, and I still think I have missed stuff out. Like Mr Waits before, this guy lives in a complete world of his own, or so it seems.

17th January 2022: All 20 tracks for Libra now bedded. Now for the difficult bit.

I could live in this guy's head for a week and still not understand him. Where does it all come from? What's he building in there?

11th January 2022: Presently spending some time along with this legend, again:

I know all the criticisms about it, but there is no getting away from the fact that this really was television's first work of art. It overstayed by about five episodes (I think the seven episode idea just misses out too much) and - heresy - I am not a huge fan of the premise of Fall Out (I think he was written into a corner of his own making there), but there is so much else to appreciate that it's still quite breathtaking. Episodes like Many Happy Returns, Dance of the Dead and (especially) Free For All are simply masterful bits of drama unlike anything that has come before or since.

On watching Many Happy Returns again for the umpteenth time it struck me that there is a huge clue in there somewhere. When No 6 finally gets out and back to those he thinks he knows, he faces down their doubts about his integrity by saying he doesn't know who or which side is running the Village. The fact that he woke up to find the enire place empty (to me) says one thing: that the Village was made to house him and him alone. How else would they manage to empty the entire place and leave him alone there? It's all set up for his 'benefit' alone. All the rest of it is just window dressing. So if it's set up for him, then it cannot be 'us' and hence must be either 'them' or another unseen 'them' of whom we are not familiar.

There are other moments in The General and Schizoid Man (sort of) that confirm this notion. On that basis, I wish I could recommend this, but it reeks of fanwank. It has a reasonable premise at the heart of it, but...

Some of the art in it is okay though...

...but I think in a lot of ways it is trying to be this...

...or this

10th January 2022: Oh dear...it's all getting frightfully abstract now. It's actually quite a decent way to round all of this stuff off, I think. I've climbed up to #18 now and plan of quitting either at #20 or when I run utterly and completely out of steam, whichever comes first. I have a notion of piling up recordings from Desert Island Discs on one another to make a cacophany of voices, sort of like a Spem In Alium gone hideously wrong. I sort of did that before in another style elsewhere but this could maybe work on another level. Hmm. Terribly abstract.

4th January 2022: Libra is going a bit crazy. Up to 17 tracks now, which is way more than I was expecting. So here is a good question: when do I (or anyone) know when a project is done and ready for release?

Dead Tracks and Spectacular both extended for way longer than was planned, and some (such as the Colours series) was actually designed to go on for a while. But in the latter case, it was a conscious case to make ten albums with ten tracks inside six months, whereas with the others it's not even remotely as clear cut as that. SO when do I get to know it's time to knock it off?

Here is the truth. I have no fucking idea. Sometimes it's a plan. Sometimes it's a feeling. Sometimes it's a wish to get something out to refute rumours of my death. It's really more a measure of the speed of my work, rather than anything to do with a thematic idea or even - let's not kid ourselves here - anything to do with actual planning. No.

Why did I never mention this here..?

Awesome. No idea why, but Mercedes have just started to annoy me recently. Yes, Lewis is the GOAT, but Max is the future. What balls they both have. And what a will to succeed Max has.

I've heard no new music to inspire me at all, so instead here is one of the greatest moments in sporting justice that I have everf seen.

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