Gecko Highway

Gregory Michael Amov

(Nov 6th 1959 - Nov 3rd 2009)

For a limited time, my late friend and colleague's album Gecko Highway is available for free from this web site. Feel free to download and enjoy.

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"Gecko Highway" sat on the shelf for almost two years waiting to be finished. Greg didn't think most of it was up to the standard of either The Dark Within The Dark or his submissions to Systems Theory. So he solved the problem by dropping the three tunes he liked the least and taking back from Systems Theory compositions he had submitted for Codetalkers and beyond. Hindsight shows that he was wrong...the album is every bit as good as his debut, without sounding much like it.

It's also true that full band versions of "The Flooka Sat On My Head" -- originally named "The Hookah On My Head" during an evening of guzzling far too much Anchor Steam beer -- "Tail Wags Dog" (another SDM-provided title), and "The Black River Of Kel" would have been very interesting. The middle of "Sohcahtoa" (from "Codetalkers") which is the "lost tail-wagging dog" might give you an idea of what Steven and Mike could have done to these tunes in the context of Systems Theory.

After "Gecko Highway" Greg worked on several private projects -- things for his family and close friends -- some of which will see the light of day in 2010. And the work of which he was the most proud, "The Noble Gases", written before and during his fight against esophageal cancer in 2006 and 2007. It will be available very soon in 2009, its release being masterminded by SDM.

The artwork for the album is available here: Front Cover, Rear Cover, CD Label and CD Label 4 x 4

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