Over The Dawn

I have over one hundred and fifty niggers staying with me. They all walk about the house, eating things, dancing and whooping and doing voodoo things and the likes. I eventually just have to clear the hell out.

I go to a friend's house and explain. He thinks I am being childish. I cannot agree. He sighs and rolls his eyes (just like a nigger), and takes my bags (just like a nigger), and say that no matter what, he is pleased to see me. He grins (just like a nigger) and shows his white teeth. (just like a nigger) I thank him and go out.

I don't know where I am going or why I am out when I have no money.

I go to a diner and watch some people do some silly songs. You can't really see them too well through all the smoke. I leave the diner and walk the rainy streets where bums and hobos beg you for money.

I hate niggers. And I really hate bums.

Eventually the dawn comes up and I leave my friend's house and go home. I find no niggers but I do find another friend who appears to be cleaning up. I ask him what happened.

- They broke, he said. - They all broke and I'm clearing up the pieces.

I look at the floor and see shards of black skin and white teeth. This will mean the carpet will need to be specially cleaned and that will cost me big money.

I hate niggers. Especially niggers that just shatter on you for no reason.