Something Incredible Happened To Me

Sherlock Holmes and I are tacking a real tough case. The room we are in is all dark and there is no furniture at all. All there is, is a table, a chair, a cassette player and an egg.

Sherlock investigates the chair for clues. I casually examine the cassette player. There isn't any tape in it. That renders it almost useless on the clues front. I look at the egg.

I suspect.

Sherlock looks at the egg too. I think he is starting to suspect as well. The egg gives a funny little kick and a baby chick emerges from the hole. I am very surprised.

- How did you do that? asks Holmes. - How did you do that?

I will not tell him. Partly because he is a smug, self-centred, pretentious, big-headed, loud-mouthed, drink swilling, violin playing, cocaine inhaling bastard, and partly because I haven't a clue either.

I will think of a suitable answer later.