We'll Meet Again

We sit in the big, empty house and watch the TV in the corner. It's some kind of quiz programme where you can get a million bucks for just guessing some stuff right. All pretty silly, but in the magical dry summer of Arkansas in 1949 that everyone remembers, what else is there to do?

The TV flashes pictures of crazy America-ness. Beside me, Kirk Douglas (the owner of the house) bursts out laughing at the scene in front of him. It's so much garbage that I join in too.

The rest of the people in the room (most of whom were extras in 'Oklahoma') shift uneasily in their seats as the two superstars - Kirk and I - laugh louder and louder. The woman on the screen gets so excited about winning a car that her neck veins explode blood over the compere. Kirk laughs.

- What a load of ratshit! he exclaims. - What a crock of horseshit! What a pile of apeshit! Kirk is really getting into these insults. The rest of the people are still uneasy. I stop laughing eventually as the joke wears off. (And out of good taste as well. The quiz show contestant is obviously having difficulties staying alive)

Kirk, however, keeps on laughing and laughing. I suddenly despise him. I see him as a sicko. He spouts more and more excrement-inspired insults. Dogshit. Batshit. Hogshit. Flyshit. Goatshit. Sheepshit. Cowshit. Cockroachshit. Platypusshit.

He isn't laughing any more either. He is serious and going quite mad. I can see why the rest of the people in the room were nervous beforehand. I start to understand why some extras get named in the credits these days.

The game show comes to an abrupt and censored end. A funny looking old woman comes on the screen and sings some rubbish about bluebirds over Dover. She makes everything seem alright. She wears a blue printed blouse. I once bought blue printed curtains from a big shop in London where they sold almost anything. Curtains are always expensive.

I am happy enough to think of a connection between Kirk, Oklahoma and why I keep thinking of the name 'Westinghouse' all the time that day. I muse over the complex mixture of watching TV shows with mad movie stars and their extras.

That night I dream no dreams.