Thunder (Community Violence)

- Right men, says John Wayne, our job is to bomb the living shit out of those Commie, slant-eyed, yellow, motherfucking, asshole, cocksucking pissface Japs. We'll do it in two passes with low attacks formations. The first pass bombs the fuckers and the second burns the survivors.

There is polite applause. I get into a plane and we fly over the Jap Camp. All the Japs are having a big outdoor party, eating their own entrails. Some are indeed fucking their mothers. Others have their comrades genitals in their mouths. In fact, I am also amused to notice others with urine-doused features.

John and another guy and I bomb them to unrecognisable tatters and set fire to their camp so nothing survives and nothing gets salvaged.

When we return John Wayne shakes my hand and says - You're a real hero, and - You're a real American type hero,  and - You're a regular hero. I smile and blush.

When we gather at the end of the day for food and medals one of the other guys tells me that he is jealous of me. I don't care much for this. I am a hero.

John Wayne told me so, so I must be.

That night, a Commie, slant-eyed, yellow, motherfucking, asshole, cocksucking pissface Jap contingent of Kamikaze fighters comes over and bombs our runways and ruins all our planes. We all run outside to Action Stations. I am on the gun with the man who is jealous of me. He says - You're eyes are starting to slant up, you shit. You're becoming a Jap bastard like the rest of them.

I ignore him. I see our men in single combat on the forest floor, wrestling with the Japs so they can get their swords off them to give to their kids as souvenirs. That's what wars are all about. You'd better believe me - I know all about these things, you know.

I later learn that John Wayne was stabbed to death by those yellow fucks. I look at my hero's eyes in my mirror. I see them slanty and red from crying at the death of that  big, friendly and lovable American sergeant who shook my hand and called me a hero.

Later that night I heard two men fucking.