The first six albums, plus one requested compilation. Ambient electronic music abstract soundtracks peppered with organic sounds, Mellotrons, light and dark.

'Seriously, the best thing about this gripping music is that - despite years of music reviews and journalism - I have no absolutely fucking clue how to label it, classify it or describe it' -- JJ Price

Six Consequences Six Consequences
Domus Domus
Honfleur Honfleur - The Music of Erik Satie
In Excelsis In Excelsis
Breviary Breviary (Compilation)
Basilica Basilica
Orbis Orbis


A pair of recordings of orchestral music recorded solely on the Mellotron

'I would not have believed the mellotron capable of this.' -- Robert Fripp

mellotronworks mellotronworks
mellotronworks II mellotronworks II


Lengthy and varied recordings centering on various thematic abstractions

Oddzial Oddzial
Dead Tracks Dead Tracks
Spectacular Spectacular
Codex Codex
Spectrum Spectrum
Movements Movements


A series of five albums written in the same style, following the same sonic pattern, voiced with very different settings, each of which was recorded, mixed, produced, videoed and uploaded in a single day.

mono mono 1
mono mono 2
mono mono 3
mono mono 4
mono mono 5


Explorations of radically different sounds waves in four compelling volumes

Vibrations Vibrations (Waves vol 1)
Resonance Resonance (Waves vol 2)
Dissonance Dissonance (due 1Q/2018)
Consonance Consonance (due 2Q/2018)